Trog and Clay: An Imagined History of the Electric Chair

Written by Michael Vukadinovich

Directed by Lizette Marie Morris

April 27 - May 12, 2012

The Factory Theatre


Trog and Clay is a wildly imaginative retelling of the genesis of the electric chair. Based on the actual trial transcripts of William Kemmler, the first person put to death by electrocution, this skewed comedy obscures the line between fact and invention, while wryly looking into America’s grim history. 



Cast and Production Team

Trog - Cameron Beaty Gosselin
Clay - Louise Hamill
George Westinghouse/Judge - Mikey DiLoreto
Marguerite Westinghouse - Renee Rossi Donlon
Thomas Edison - Terrence P. Haddad
William Kemmler/Doctor - Chris Larson


Playwright - Michael Vukadinovich
Director - Lizette M. Morris
Dramaturg - Jessie Baxter
Stage Manager - Deirdre Benson
Scenic Design - Sean A. Cote
Lighting Design - Tim Boland
Costume Design - Kaitee Tredway
Sound Design - Amanda Czerminski
Props Design - Silas Janzen Lohrenz
Graphic Design - Kathleen Piper Crosby


Production Photos

Photos by Sunny M. Rissland