The embryos

Written by Ginger Lazarus

Directed by Dawn Meredith Simmons

November 30 - December 15, 2012

The Factory Theatre


Mommy and Daddy have tried desperately to have a baby. But where science fails, faith persists. When informed that Mommy's "degraded uterus" offers no chance of in vitro implantation, Mommy and Daddy have a life-affirming epiphany: rather than discard or donate their embryos, they take them home and raise them like children. All might be well, except that the embryos, Leggo and Eggo, have voracious appetites and uncanny abilities beyond their developmental stage. When they run amok, the poor would-be parents are faced with a choice: save their embryos from the world, or save the world from their embryos.



Cast and Production Team

Mommy - Gillian Mackay-Smith
Daddy - Terrence P. Haddad
Kaganda/Keneisha/Kandi Bean - Tasia A. Jones
Leggo - Louise Hamill
Eggo - Phil Berman


Playwright - Ginger Lazarus
Director - Dawn M. Simmons
Dramaturg - Tyler J. Monroe
Stage Manager - Amanda Sheehan
Scenic Design - John J King
Lighting Design - Ian King
Costume Design - Kaitee Tredway
Sound Design - Amanda Czerminski
Props Design - Lori Lapomardo
Graphic Design - Kathleen Piper Crosby


Production Photos

Photos by Kippy Goldfarb