Priscilla Dreams the answer

Written by Walt McGough

Directed by Melanie Garber

December 8 - 17, 2011

The Factory Theatre


Priscilla was feeling down, until the aliens showed up. Now she's the most important person in the universe, and the fates of two planets rest on her. It hasn't made her feel much better, but at least it's something to do. A game-show savant, a dash of math, and a metric ton of bubble-wrap all come together in a dreamy, funny, melancholy look at the questions we ask, and the answers we need.


Cast and Production Team

Priscilla - Caroline L. Price
Simon - Michael Caminiti
Harry - Bob Mussett
Zip - Emily Kaye Lazzaro
Zop - Dakota Shepard


Playwright - Walt McGough
Director - Melanie Garber
Stage Manager - Terry Torres
Dramaturg - Jessie Baxter
Scenic  Designer - Andrea VanDenBroeke
Lighting Designer - Michael Clark Wonson
Assistant Lighting Designer - Erik Fox
Costume Designer - Vivian Yee
Sound Consultant - David Max Gibbons
Prop Design - Cassandra Meyer
Graphic Design - Kathleen Piper Crosby


Production Photos

Photos by Sarah Farbo