girls' sports

Written by Emily Kaye Lazzaro

Directed by Jeff Mosser

April 5-20, 2013

The Factory Theatre

Sam Pascutti's family is falling apart. When she discovers that her inept father is cheating on her mother she must do all she can to mend their fragile relationship. This is no small feat for Sam, who is just trying to get through the day without thoroughly embarrassing herself, which is basically impossible when you're sixteen and uncool and spend most of your free time lost in fantasy. Things start to spiral away from her when her father's mistress inserts herself into the family drama.




Cast and Production Team

 Sam Pascutti - Melody Martin
 Susan Pascutti - Holly Newman
 Robert Pascutti - David Marino
 Lillian Hamill - Jenny Reagan


Playwright - Emily Kaye Lazzaro
Director - Jeffrey Mosser
Dramaturg - Jessie Baxter
Production Manager - Kaitee Tredway
Stage Manager - Deirdre Benson
Scenic Design - Marc T. Ewart
Lighting Design - Ian W. King
Costume Design - Cara Pacifico
 Fight Choreographer - Hannah Husband
 Graphic Design - Melissa DeJesus
 Press Coordinator - Amanda Sheehan


Production Photos

Photos by Alison Luntz